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What is an IBCLC


  "The moment a child is born the mother is also born.

    She never existed before.  The woman existed, but the mother, never.

    A mother is something absolutely new"




Although infants are born to breastfeed, the process does not always go as smoothly as one might wish. Over the last couple of generations we have lost the "wise woman" culture in which one generation of women shares their secrets of breastfeeding success with the next. 


This is where an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) can help.  An IBCLC is the gold standard among professionals for breastfeeding assistance. Credentialing for an IBCLC requires meeting rigourous standards for classroom and clinical education.  In addition, one must pass an international board exam and retake the exam every 10 years.  Proof of continuing education is required during the 10 years between exams. You can read more about the IBCLC at the website of the IBCLC's professional organization:


I will work with you, in conjunction with your baby's pediatrician, to support your breastfeeding goals. This can vary from mother to mother depending on her circumstances. The most important element of successful breastfeeding is bringing the most abundant milk supply possible for you as an individual. Knowing what to expect, and how to prepare, before your baby is born can go a long way in helping you to maximize your milk supply.  If you have a history of any of the following I encourage you to schedule a prenatal appointment:

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Insulin Dependent Diabetes
  • History of low milk supply with previous breastfeeding
  • Pre-pregnant body mass index over 30
  • Breast reduction surgery
  • Irregular periods
  • Fertility issues
  • Insufficient mammary tissue                                         



My 23 years of experience working with moms and babies include the following:



  • Bachelor of Science, Nursing  California State University Fresno  1977
  • Registered Nurse-Certified Inpatient Obstetric Nurse
  • International Board Certified Lactation Consultant 2010
    • Registered Lactation Consultant with International Lactation Consultant’s Association
  • Former Neonatal Resuscitation Provider instructor


  • Professional organization memberships:
    • International Lactation Consultant Association
    • United States Lactation Consultant Association


  • Registered Nurse
    • San Benito Healthcare District
  • Lactation Consultant
    • San Benito Healthcare District
    • Methodist Hospital Sacramento
    • Sutter Medical Center Sacramento
    • WIC Public Health Grass Valley, CA



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